FRIENDSHIP:  A contagious spirit of friendliness, taking the initiative to meet people and make new friends to last a lifetime.

MATURITY: Learning, growing, changing and rising to new levels of character development and leadership.

GENEROSITY: Is our privilege.  Generous in every sense of the word, time, talent, finances, a helping hand, a friendly smile.  

HOSPITALITY: Everyone who walks in the door is our guest, welcomed with genuine love and care.

COURAGE: We are here to encourage one another, to be strong in handling tough situations, and make courageous life decisions.

VOLUNTEERING: Discovering our calling and gifting.  Developing an attitude of, "It's my pleasure & joy to serve in God's House!"

DIVERSITY: "On earth as it is in heaven."  Our church, a blend of people from all backgrounds, nationalities, personalities & abilities.

DILIGENCE: Whatever you do, do it with all your heart and with a spirit of excellence.