love lives here

A team from Gateway heads out on Tuesday afternoon to bring the Love of Jesus to the streets of North Central and Core Regina.  The team brings a message of love, hope and friendship to those they encounter.  We believe that Jesus is the answer for whatever need we see on the streets of Regina.


Gateway has taken up the opportunity to be involved in what SHRM does in the city of Regina.  We are grateful to contribute to what they do as an organization, whether it be at the Shayil Women's Home, the Soup Kitchen and Clothing Centre, their annual holiday meals, or the Love Thy Neighbor Banquet, we consider it a privilege to help them bless our city.


Once a month a team from Gateway heads out to the Regina Correctional Centre for chapel.  We are privileged to work with the Chaplain's office to bring a message of forgiveness, love and restoration to the men incarcerated at the centre.