connect groups (small groups)

Sunday to Sunday can feel long, that's why we believe that everyone needs to connect mid-week in a Connect Group.

Some Connect Groups are facilitated at Gateway, while others in homes or in the community.  

Find a Connect Group that's right for you!



TUESDAY: CELEBRATE RECOVERY - Overcoming the hurts, habits and hang-ups of life.  7pm, facilitated at Gateway.

WEDNESDAY: GOLIATH MUST FALL with Louie Giglio - 7pm, Facilitated at Gateway
GAP PRAYER MEETING - 7pm, Facilitated at Gateway

FRIDAY: GATEWAY YOUTH MOVEMENT - 7pm, Facilitated at Gateway

SATURDAY:  THE 4:8 PRINCIPLE Book Reading Connect Group- 9:30am, Facilitated at Gateway

DANGEROUS PRAYERS, GATEWAY YOUTH MOVEMENT Book Reading- 9:30am, Facilitated at Gateway
GATEWAY PRAYER HOUR - 2:30pm, Facilitated on Zoom